In addition to the features of a student account, teacher accounts also include additional features that greatly reduce the workload of a teacher. 

1) Learning Environments


We offer each school a choice of three different learning environments depending on how they wish to use the accounts associated with their licence.

For example, with our Full Control environment, teachers have total control as to what content each student can and cannot see on their accounts, thereby allowing teachers to use our exercise sets as schoolwork/homework.

Once completed, the teacher can then make the solutions visible on student accounts with the press of a button.

Rather than spending a considerable amount of time correcting that schoolwork or homework, teachers can instead spend only the few minutes that are needed to walk around the classroom and perform spot-checks as the students self-assess their own work.

2) Exam Questions Bank


All student and teacher accounts associated with a school licence gain access to the mock exam papers (and solutions) that are included with individual memberships.

However, we also have an entirely separate exam questions bank that are only available to teachers.

Questions from this bank can therefore be used for class exams, mid-term exams, or even unseen mock exams.

In fact, we will even create that exam for you! For example, a teacher can email us asking:

 “Hi, could you create a two hour Higher Level exam, half on coordinate geometry of the circle and half on financial maths?
Oh and please include a question on tangents!”

In less than 24 hours, we will then send you links to two (password-protected) pages:

  • a page containing the exam questions
  • a page containing the exam questions and solutions

The second page is to be used by teachers in order to mark the exam. Teachers also have option of telling the students the URL and password for this page at the end of the exam, thereby allowing students to check the solutions in their own time. This then frees up time that would have been spent going through the exam in the next class!

3) Round-The-Clock Support


If any teacher can think of any way in which we can be of more assistance, we are more than happy to help

For example, although we provide what we believe are more than enough exercise questions, a teacher may have a need for additional questions.

After a quick email, we get to work writing those questions, adding them to our website no more than a day or two later!

Therefore, unlike a schoolbook that is updated only every few years with a new edition, our website is updated continuously based off of your feedback and requests!