Mr. Kenny streams LIVE every school day from 4pm.

Members can ask questions about Junior Cycle Maths and receive real-time answers live on stream!

Note: Teacher Live is for members only!


Due to prior commitments, Teacher Live! will be unavailable on the 23rd & 26th of February.


1) Teacher Live! may only be used by students with active memberships.

2) The stream is active every school day from 4pm until 5pm.

3) To ask a question, type it into the Teacher Chat window which can be opened by clicking the button in the bottom right. You may also attach images, screenshots etc. if you believe it would help us understand your question. Please make sure you are logged into your membership account, otherwise your question will be ignored!

4) To be fair to all members, you cannot take up more than five minutes of Mr. Kenny’s time each day.

5) You are free to ask for help with your homework. However, Mr. Kenny will only help you in the same way that a teacher would help you with your schoolwork in class. In other words, Mr. Kenny will help guide you towards the right approach but expect you to answer the question yourself!